mybulb.vc is proud to partner with Peregrin's Incubator 'Incentive'.

Current investments are made through the incubator.

mybulb.vc is currently led by Benny Keret.

Benny Keret
C.P.A (Isr.)

A New Media Investor & Advertising commerce expert

Owner of Azimut Adv BBRG


Advertising and Marketing Expert, for the past 20 years.

Advisor and Investor in New media, Advertising and Media startups.

Dror Kalisky

Entrepreneur and a New Media Investor

Owner of MindEX International Group


A serial entrepreneur and investor with formidable experience in New Media, advertising, music and publishing industries.


Co-founder of 'vBookz' and 'voyzer', the leading voice readers family.

Moshe Gaon

Owner of Gaon Holdings Group,

Entrepreneur and investor in numerous Israeli startups.


Developer of new initiatives and startups in mobile advertising and new media, Strategic Consumer and Political Advertising & Marketing expert.


Owner of the Gaon Holding Group; Executive Director in the group's companies, focusing on development and marketing products and services for the global Water Smart Grid.


Member of the AquaAgro Fund Investment committee, a 50 Million dollar Israeli Venture Capital Fund, focused only on developing innovative water and agriculture technologies, as well as other innovative clean technologies.

Moshe is currently serves as the CEO of yoocan technologies, operator of the yoocan brand. 

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